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Niche areas identified:

Short-range plans:

        Identification and characterization of economic traits in indigenous and cross-bred groups of livestock and development of cross-breds with improved productivity and reproductive efficiency.

        Study of causes of low fertility among livestock groups.

        Determination of nutritional requirements for different livestock groups and development of balanced feeding systems for optimum production of livestock in different climatic zones.

           Monitoring the prevalence and intensity of different parasitic infestations in domestic animals and poultry, and development of strategy against  harmful parasites.

        Studies on common diseases of migratory animals such as buffalo, Gaddi sheep and goat, and their control.

        Investigation on infectious causes of infertility.

        Sero-prevalence of brucellosis and chlamydiosis in various groups of animals and their control.

        Studies on the efficacy of some medicinal plants of Himachal Pradesh for animal disease control.

        Studies on the etiopathology of common diseases of Angora and broiler rabbits, respiratory distress syndrome in equines, rumen dysfunction and its management, etiology, pathogenesis and management of convulsive syndrome in canine.

      Standardization of seed production technology for all culturable fish species amenable to hill regions.

       Studies on the bacterial and mycotic diseases of fish fauna and their control.

        Establishment of well equipped central diagnostic laboratory. 

Long -range plans:

        Establishment of progeny testing facilities in the State.

        Studies on improving quality of conventional feeds and fodder resources of Himachal Pradesh and development of low cost technology for enrichment/enhancement of nutritional quality of feeds and fodders.

        Development of appropriate technology for rearing of cold water fisheries.

        Creating a data of fish genetic resources of Himachal Pradesh.

        Development/refinement of suitable processing technologies for various animal   stock produce or their products such as milk, wool, meat, eggs, fish etc.  

        Development of molecular diagnostics for animal diseases.

        Development of vaccine using biotechnological approaches.

        Development of embryo transfer technology for Gaddi sheep and goats.

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