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Mission statement


The College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences came into existence in 1986 with the objectives of:

  1. Human Resource Development to produce qualified Veterinarians and postgraduates in different disciplines of animal health, production and products technology, besides updating the knowledge and skills of the field Veterinarians.

  2. Enhancing animal production by genetic improvement of cattle, sheep and other livestock species from the health point of view, studies on fertility problems, development of viable and sustainable pastures/grasslands and technology for improving feeds and herbages for optimum nutrition, development of hormonal and neuro-endocrinological and embryo transfer technology etc. 

  3. To provide animal health coverage to the livestock production of the State by  giving specialized therapeutic service at the main campus, organizing animal health camps at the farmers' door steps and attending disease outbreaks in the field.

  4. Strengthening animal products technology for meat, milk, fur, wool and hair etc.

  5. Transfer of technology to the farmers and to render Referral Animal Health and Production Services to the livestock of the state.


             The course of study includes the Veterinary Council of India (Minimum Standards of Veterinary Education Degree Course- B.V.Sc. & AH) Regulations, 2009. It includes the curriculum and syllabus provided in these Regulations (VCI) for the undergraduate students spread over five complete academic years including a compulsory internship of six months duration undertaken after successful completion of all credit hours provided in the syllabus. The modifications will be followed as per the recommendations of the VCI from time to time.


            The thrust areas of research have been recognized by the interaction of officers of State Government; faculty of the College and various national level experts. The progress of teaching and research of the College was reviewed by the competent committees of ICAR and Veterinary Council of India from time to time. A high level technical expert committee under the chairmanship of Dr. C.M. Singh, Director IVRI in 1990 interacted with the faculty of the college and reviewed the activities in teaching, research and extension education. After expressing the satisfaction on the progress made, they decided the perspective plan proposal for 20 years. Later on a 20 years progress of the university was evaluated in 1998 in which a detailed perspective plan of the university in general and College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in particular was prepared and included in Vision 2020. This document has been circulated to all the Agricultural Universities, ICAR Institutions and Veterinary Council. The document envisaged the future plan and thrust areas in various disciplines of College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences which are as under :-


            The available technologies duly refined, are being transferred for adoption to the livestock owners/farmers of the State through various modes of the Extension Education Programme like: