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Palampur 25 May. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University has underlined the importance of scientific training of farmers to improve their knowledge.He was addressing participants and scientists during the concluding ceremony of a three days training programme on "Para veterinary training of mountain women partners involved in goat and poultry rearing" for 24 farm ladies.

The Vice-Chancellor said that backyard poultry farming and small-scale goat farming require low investment and provide better returns in a short duration. Such farm-based avocations were good source of income and a source of quality protein to the farm families. He elaborated about the efforts of the university to double the farmers income by developing twenty agriculture based models and asked them to adopt such models to increase their income.

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial while appreciating the role of farm women in agriculture and livestock rearing, said that they need specialised trainings as they perform many farm operations. He said that despite heavy workload of scientists, they were regularly conducting trainings and workshops to enlighten the stakeholders, so it was imperative that genuine farmers were sent for such highly specialised trainings. He also asked the farmers to be in touch with farm officers at Block level and university specialists at Krishi Vigyan Kendras(KVKs). He asked the farmers to take advantage of some new schemes of the government like "Mukhymantri Bakri Palan Yojna" for increasing their income.

Dr Atul, Director of Extension Education, told that the university and its KVKs were conducting a large number of trainings in collaboration with line departments, NGOs, etc to benefit the farming community.

Dr Y.P.Thakur, Head, Department  of Animal Genetics and Breeding told that the 24 women from different villages from Mandi and Kangra districts  were provided training on different aspects of scientific livestock rearing especially goat and poultry keeping so that they can improve the production and income from the livestock.

Dr. Devesh Thakur and Dr. Varun Sankhyan told that during the training, exposure visits were also conducted to dairy farm, poultry farm, feed plant, poultry hatchery and milk plant. Shri Sukhdev Premi from Rural Technology and Development Centre, a Palampur based NGO, thanked the university for collaborating to conduct the training.

The Vice Chancellor also distributed certificates to the trainees.

Dr Rajinder Singh Jamwal, Director of Research, heads and scientists were present during the concluding ceremony.

World veterinary Day Celebrations by VASTA: Palampur 28 April.

World Veterinary Day was celebrated enthusiastically by Veterinary & Animal Science Teachers Association at DGCN College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (COVAS), CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, here today. Shri Virender Kanwar, Minister of Animal Husbandry Fisheries, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj was Chief Guest. In his address, the Minister said that animals have been useful to society since ages. He said that indigenous cattle breeds were known for their high quality milk with unique medicinal properties like A2 protein. He called animals as ATMs for the farming community but regretted that people were abandoning animal husbandry and agriculture. He told that all BPL families in the State will be linked to livelihood mission.

Shri Virender Kanwar asked the University scientists to work on providing solutions for monkey menace and abandoned animals which had become a threat to the farming. He also asked the university to test the quality of feed available in the market as there were reports that it was also one of the reasons to make animals un-productive. He said that cow sanctuaries will be made and farmers will be provided with high quality milch animals. The Minister said that animal husbandry facilities will be strengthened in the State including animal ambulance at door step of the farmers. He also announced regular recruitments of veterinarians and consideration of increasing grant to the COVAS.

President of the Association, VASTA, Dr Shivani Katoch informed that this year the theme for the World Veterinary Day 2018 is "The role of the Veterinary Profession in Sustainable Development to improve livelihoods, food security and safety". He informed that World Veterinary Day is celebrated through out the world by the animal lovers and veterinary professionals every year in the last Saturday of April. This year VASTA also organized Half Marathon “Run for Animals” to mark the event on 28 April at 6:30 AM which started from the campus of the college uptill Subhash Chowk Palampur and back to CSK HPKV Gate No.1. Numerous other events were also organized to commemorate WVD including Free Anti Rabbies Vaccination in the College Veterinary Clinic, Quiz, Poster and Slogan competition. The day is celebrated through out the world to apprise the society about the contribution of the veterinary professionals for animal and human health, food security and safety.

Dr A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, while lauding the efforts of veterinarians in the treatment and welfare of animals, said that animal husbandry sector can play a pivotal role in doubling the income of farmers. He told that this day helps to promote the veterinary profession and reiterates the importance of professional towards the clients. He discussed the issue of abandoned animals and asked the students and professionals to think over the problem and provide practical and viable solutions. He asked the Minister to provide liberal grant to COVAS to work on various problems being faced by the livestock keepers. Prof A.K.Sarial also discussed issues like importance of native cow in zero budget natural farming, extinction of local cattle breeds, making abandoned cattle productive by rehabilitation in 'Gaushalas', etc. and appreciated the academic, research and extension education achievements of COVAS.  

Dr Mandeep Sharma, Dean, COVAS, elaborated about the achievements of his college and informed that 795 students have passed out at graduate level, 392 students have done masters degrees and 36 students have done Ph.D degree since inception of the college in 1986.

Dr Y.P.Thakur delivered a special lecture on "The role of the veterinary profession in sustainable development to improve livelihoods, food security and safety". Dr Shivani Katoch, President, Veterinary and Animal Sciences Teachers Association (VASTA) informed about activities of his association. 

The Chief Guest released six publications and also awarded 17 students who won prizes in various competitions organized to mark the occasion. Earlier, the Minister visited the veterinary clinical complex and sought information about the on-going activities. The Vice Chancellor accompanied him during the visit.



Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission today declared the results of interviews conducted w.e.f. 19-02-2018 to 27-02-2018 for recruitment to 35 posts of Veterinary Officer, Class-I (Gazetted) in the Department of Animal Husbandry, H.P. The name(s) of following candidate(s) have been recommended to the Government of Himachal Pradesh for appointment. The result is also available on the Commission’s website

1 106140 Shri Tejender Kumar General 2 106002 Ms. Sonali Mishra General 3 106123 Ms. Preeti Rana General 4 106037 Shri Kunal Pandit General 5 106137 Ms. Radhika General 6 106092 Ms. Pallvi Sharma General 7 106030 Ms. Hem Lata Gautam General 8 106047 Shri Sumit Chandel General 9 106251 Ms. Jyotsna Chauhan General 10 106036 Shri Vishwjeet Singh Chandel General 11 106065 Ms. Palvi Thakur General 12 106192 Ms. Radhika Rajshree Sood General 13 106263 Ms. Poonam Kumari General 14 106136 Shri Pranshu Sharma General 15 106132 Shri Deepak Sobti General 16 106128 Shri Mukesh Kumar Thakur General 17 106068 Shri Nishant General 18 106214 Ms. Dipali Parmar General 19 106276 Ms. Anupama Thakur General 20 106161 Ms. Shalini Thakur General 21 106033 Ms. Richa Thakur General 22 106059 Ms. Pooja Sharma General 23 106159 Ms. Aanchal Sharma General 24 106206 Shri Varun Puri General 25 106235 Ms. Abhilasha Patial General 26 106084 Shri Vishal Thakur General 27 106034 Shri Dushyant Dogra S.C. 28 106170 Ms. Yavnika Kashyap S.C. 29 106111 Ms. Pinki Saini OBC 30 106237 Shri. Roshan Lal S.C. 31 106191 Ms. Sakshi Chauhan S.T. 32 106171 Ms. Preeti Bhatia S.C. 33 106198 Shri Varun Kumar OBC 34 106258 Shri Manish Kharwal S.C. 35 106004 Shri Kunal Koundal



Prof. Mandeep Sharma joins as Dean, DGCN COVAS and Prof R.K.Agnihotri as Dean, PG Studies CSK HPKV as per the order of the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor CSK HPKV on dated 1-8-2017.

COVAS students secure top positions in All India ICAR JRF-2017: July , 2017
Like previous years, Students of the college this time too bagged top positions at the National Level in ICAR JRF examination for admission to post graduate programs through out India. It is notable to mention here that only 38 students secured position for admission to PG program at all India level through ICAR where as Rahul Kumar was ranked 1st in category and pallavi Chauhan was ranked 3rd among ST category. The detailed list is as follows

Sr. No. Name   Marks in JRF Institutional standing All India Rank
1 Abhinav Rana Vety. Sci 490.4 1 14
2 Rahul Kumar Vety. Sci 479 2



3 Anil Sharma Vety. Sci 453.4 3
4 Samar Chauhan Vety. Sci 451.4 4 63
5 Arya Prakash Vety. Sci 450.2 5
6 Pallavi Chauhan Vety. Sci 446 6 ST-AIR-3
7 Sakshi Vety. Sci 433 7
8 Pankaj Rana Vety. Sci 429 8 117
9 Akshay Kumar Vety. Sci 424.2 9
10 Abhishek Bhardwaj Vety. Sci 422.2 10 JNU
11 Renu Chauhan Vety. Sci 419.2 11


12 Charlie Sharma Vety. Sci 415.2 12
13 Rishabh kalia Vety. Sci 401.2 13
14 Anikshit Verma Vety. Sci 393.4 14
15 Aditya Sharma Vety. Sci 386 15
16 Palak Vety. Sci 384 16
17 Rupali Masand Vety. Sci 383.6 17
18 Akshima Dogra Vety. Sci 373 18
19 Shreya Bahl Vety. Sci 365 19
20 Nitesh koundal Vety. Sci 361.5 20
21 Sameeksha Vety. Sci 359.8 21
22 Shivani Angaria  Vety. Sci 349 22
23 Arvind Negi Vety. Sci 341 23 390/9 ST
24 Anchal Rana Vety. Sci 334.6 24
25 Sunaina Vety. Sci 334.2 25
26 Kiran Thakur Vety. Sci 333.2 26
27 Ankita Kumari Vety. Sci 329.6 27
28 Bhanupriya Sharma Vety. Sci 326.2 28
29 Sakshi Rawal Vety. Sci 323.8 29
30 Shubham Koundal Vety. Sci 321.6 30
31 Avantika Sharma Vety. Sci 316.2 31
32 Smriti Kapoor Vety. Sci 294 32
33 Vaishali Sharma Vety. Sci 277.2 33
1 Rohit Sharma Ani Sci 360.2 1 55
2 Abhishek Sharma Ani Sci 337.6 2 81
3 Pratibha ravish Ani Sci 327 3
4 Sunidhi Ani Sci 300 4
5 Akshita Chadda Ani Sci 287.4 5 146



Oath Taking Ceremony at COVAS: July 10, 2017: Palampur 10 July. Oath taking ceremony for passing-out graduates of Dr.G.C.Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (COVAS) was held at CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, here today.

Dr.N.S.Rathore, Deputy Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), as chief guest, asked the neo-graduates to work sincerely for the empowerment of the farming community. He said that among the  teaming 125 crore plus  population of the  India, there were hardly 0.36 percent  farm graduates so they have added responsibility for the rural population engaged in agriculture and allied avocations. Dr Rathore said that animal husbandry sector has played an important role in tremendous farm growth in the country  yet this sector has to remodel itself with the aim to double the income of farmers.

The Deputy Director General complimented the Vice-Chancellor Prof A.K,Sarial for his initiative for record breaking clearance of ICAR  Junior Research Fellowship examinations by his more than sixty students. He also distributed Internship Certificates to the neo-graduates and released some practical manuals.

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, in his presidential remarks, while complimenting the graduates, their parents and teachers, appreciated the effective contribution by the COVAS in the areas of academics, research and extension work.He advised the graduates to prefer serving the farmers rather than looking for greener pastures as rural India needed their dedicated services. He also advised them to maintain a live link with their alma mater and help in creating a batchwise  endowment fund as the society had contributed for their professional attainment. The Vice-Chancellor expressed the hope that the students would continue to excel in their professional life.

Dr.Rajiv Kumar Agnihotri, Dean, COVAS, informed that 27th batch of graduates was passing out from his college. He administered oath of professional ethics to 55 graduates including 26 girls. So far, 740    graduates have passed-out since the establishment of the college three decades back. He also elaborated about major academic, research and extension education activities.

Drs. Mandeep Sharma and Pankaj Sood informed about the rigorous training of passing out graduates.

University officers, scientists and officers from the state department of animal husbandry also attended the oath taking ceremony.

Oath taking 2017


26-4-2017: World veterinary Day

World veterinary Day will be celebrated by VASTA in college premises on 29 April 2017 on the theme Antimicrobial resistance- From awareness to action. HP State veterianry Council has agreed to finance one awareness camp/ seminar in College of veterinary & Animal Sciences.

Media Cell: Press Release: No. QSD/MC/118 Dated: April 19, 2017

CSK H.P. Agriculture University  appoints  21 Assistant Professors in COVAS: Palampur 19 April. CSK H.P. Agriculture University has issued appointment letters to 21 Assistant Professors in different disciplines of veterinary sciences.  All the newly appointed teachers have been posted in different departments of Dr.G.C.Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences(COVAS). The newly appointed teachers include  Drs. Aman Dev Moudgil (Veterinary Parasitology), Ajayta Rialch (Veterinary Parasitology), Madhu Suman (Animal Nutriton), Prashant Sudamrao Daundkar (Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology), Anjali Somal( Veterinary Physiology), Surender  Kumar (Veterinary Medicine), Sanjay Kumar ( Livestock Products Technology), Anjali Kumari (Livestock Production Management), Ankaj  Thakur (Livestock Production Management ), Narender Kumar(Livestock Production Management), Rakesh Kumar( Veterinary Pathology) ,Swati Sharma(Veterinary Pathology), Manoj Kumar Sharma( Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Education, Krishanender Dinesh (Animal Genetics & Breeding), Rajesh Kumar (Animal Genetics & Breeding), Nishant Verma (Animal Genetics & Breeding), RishikaVij( Veterinary Biochemistry), Parul Shukla(Veterinary Anatomy), Raheeqa Razvi (Veterinary Anatomy), Shama Khan( Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics) and Madhu Sharma( Fisheries).

According to Prof. Ashok K. Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, the recruitment has been done as per the policy of State Government after a long gap of almost eight years. He told that it was essential to fill-up the positions to maintain high academic standards in COVAS as the staff was over burdened due to faculty positions fallen vacant on retirement.  The Veterinary Council of India, a regulatory body at all India level of veterinary education, during inspection of the college last year had also raised concern about shortage of faculty.  Prof  Sarial said that majority of the   freshly recruited candidates have their B. V. Sc  degree from this university  but acquired their  M.V. Sc and  Ph. D  degrees outside the state from  reputed national  institutes like  Indian Veterinary Research Institute  (IVRI), Izatnagar and  National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Karnal, hence possess wide exposure to academic standards  that will help  in the long run to  accelerate the pace of teaching, research and extension education activities  of the university.  Acquiring degrees from different institutes outside the state is considered an essential ingredient to prevent inbreeding in faculty which according to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is a cause of deteriorating academic norms in many of the state agricultural universities in India.  Prof Sarial said that all the newly selected teachers not only possess wide academic excellence but have qualified the all India National Eligibility Test (NET) of Assistant Professor conducted by Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board of the ICAR.

The Vice-Chancellor informed that the process to fill- up more posts of teachers in other three colleges and non-teaching staff in the university was underway after receiving permission from the state government.  He thanked the Chief Minister in particular and Govt. of Himachal Pradesh in general for granting permission to recruit staff in the university.

Oath taking ceremony: 9 July, 2016

Oath taking ceremony, a pious ritual for the passing out veterinary graduates of 26th batch was held on 9 July 2016 at 11 AM in the college auditorium. Dr A.Rahman, Deputy Director General (Ani. Sci.) ICAR, New Delhi was the chief Guest of the function and Dr K.K.Katoch, Vice Chancellor CSK HPKV, Palampur presided over the function. A total of 45 graduates took the oath of the profession, listed below. During his address, Dr Rahman outlined the progress made by the country in terms of self suficency in milk and meat products and the contribution of veterinarians in achieving the same. He also lauded the efforts of the students for achieving high ranks in ICAR JRF exams 2016.

1. Dr. Aarti Thakur
2. Dr. Abhilasha Patial
3. Dr. Abhimanyu Sharma
4. Dr. Aishwarya Baltoo
5. Dr. Ajay Patial
6. Dr. Amit Kashyap
7. Dr. Aanchal Sharma
8. Dr. Anukarna Singh
9. Dr. Anupama Thakur
10. Dr. Atal Kumar
11. Dr. Deepak Kumar
12. Dr. Dipali Parmar
13. Dr. Deepika Negi
14. Dr. Dikshant Kanwar
15. Dr. Divya Sharma
16. Dr. Dushyant Dogra
17. Dr. Harshita Sood
18. Dr. Himani Sharma
19. Dr. Kritika Dhial
20. Dr. Kunal Kaundal
21. Dr. Manisha Thakur
22. Dr. Neha Rana
23. Dr. Neha Thakur
24. Dr. Niharika Thakur
25. Dr. Neetika
26. Dr. Pinki Saini
27. Dr. Poonam Thakur
28. Dr. Pooja Sharma
29. Dr. Preeti Bhatia
30. Dr. Radhika R. Sood
31. Dr. Rakshita Sharma 
32. Dr. Rohit Kumar
33. Dr. Sahil Sharma
34. Dr. Sakshi Chauhan
35. Dr. Sakshi Vij
36. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
37. Dr. Shriya Gupta
38. Dr. Shubham Thakur
39. Dr.Smriti Saklani
40. Dr. Sonali Mishra
41. Dr. Tanu Palsra
42. Dr. Mohd. Rais
43. Dr. Archana Thakur
44. Dr. Heena Soni
45. Dr. Susheel Kumar

COVAS students secure top positions in All India ICAR JRF-2016: June 11, 2016
Like previous years, Students of the college this time too bagged top positions at the National Level in ICAR JRF examination for admission to post graduate programs through out India. It is notable to mention here that only 28 students appeared for JRF ICAR where as 11 secured top poistions in the country. The detailed list is as follows


Name Rank at All India Level
Veterinary Biotechnology
Dr Preeti Bhatia

All India 2nd Rank

(Ist Category)

Veterinary Sciences

Dr. Sakshi Chauhan

All India 3rd rank

(Category 1st Rank)

Dr. Sonali Mishra All India 4th Rank
Dr Deepali Parma All India 53 Rank
Dr Archana Thakur All India 54th Rank
Dr Poonam Thakur All India 57th Rank
Animal Sciences
Dr Neha Thakur All India 22nd Rank
Dr Shubham Thakur All India 30th Rank
Dr Anukarna Singh All India 4th Rank in category
Dr Harshita Sood All India 37th Rank
Dr Ajay patial All India 74th Rank


Media Visit to Department of Animal Nutrition; 1 October, 2015

Palampur 1 October. The University Media Cell conducted a media visit to the Department of Animal Nutrition , Dr.G.C.Negi College of  Veterinary & Animal Sciences(COVAS), CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today.

The reporters representing various vernacular newspapers and news channels attended the visit and interacted with Dr.R.K.Agnihotri, Dean, COVAS and department scientists and PG students. They were taken around the Metabolic Stall and its three units.

The reporters were informed that the revolving fund scheme in this department was started in the year 1994-95 with the seed money of Rs. 25,000 provided by the University for the manufacturing of the various feed materials with the objective to facilitate the supply of standard quality feed products like mineral mixture, uro-mol-min bricks, milk ration, calf ration, milk replacer, poultry mash, lab. Animal feeds and dog biscuits etc. on economical rates, to develop infrastructure in the department out of the funds generated, to provide hand on practice to the undergraduate and post graduate students.

The technology formulation and manufacturing of material was being transferred by participating in training program, exhibitions fairs and festivals. The major  materials  which were being produced included   Maintenance / milk production/pregnancy ration to the milk animals; Modified milk replacer/calf starter for grower calves; Area Specific mineral mixture/ Mineral mixture/ fortified mineral mixture; Protected protein ration for high yielding cattle; Different type of poultry feeds; Uromol-min bricks for cattle (Animal Chocklate); Dog biscuits; Probiotics; Complete feed block; Lab Animal Feeds; Any type of feed and feed supplement on demand; Silage; Sheep fed; Emu feed; Fish feed; Rabbit feed; Goat feed and Laboratory Animal feed

The total sale turnover of feed production Unit was Rs 2.84 Crore for the year 2013-2014, 2.20 crore for the year 2014-15 and  was likely to cross 2.20 crore at the end of current financial year.  The feed production unit has contributed in a big way from time to time since its inception towards meeting the financial liabilities of the University.

During the year 2014-2015, the department manufactured and sold 5955 quintal of cattle feed, 1625 quintal of Poultry feed, 7 quintal of Lab animal feed, 401 quintal of Area specific mineral mixture, 15633 UMMB and 30 quintal of Silage in Drums. Similarly during the year 2015 until today, 2344 quintal of cattle feed, 960 quintal of poultry feed, 4.5 quintal of lab animal feed, 482 quintal of Area Specific Mineral mixture and 29973 number of UMMB have been manufactured and sold.

The R & D products of the department were  catering mainly to the each and every livestock farmer of the state including tribal regions through a network of veterinary institutions of the State Department of Animal Husbandry as well as through NGO, Milkfed, KVK and ATIC of the University. The department has been mainly instrumental in development, production and supply of Area Specific Mineral Mixture based on the four  agro climatic zones of the state. The income generated from the Feed Production Unit has been spent for raising university infrastructure and to meet the financial requirements.

The departmental research projects have been undertaken for incorporation of Azolla, Apple-pomace and Sea-buckthorn by products (Sea-buckthorn Cake) - unconventional feed resources for inclusion in the cattle and poultry ration for economizing the cost of production. The research work is underway to study their effect of production, health and performance at different levels of substitution

The feed Production Unit has been facilitating livelihood of the local populace by employment generation in the feed Production by creating job of around 3000 man days every year. The feed Production unit not only caters to the livestock farmer of the State but Was  also providing quality feed and feed additives to the government Poultry farms throughout the State, the Wildlife National Park, Gopalpur and the Bull/ Cow farms under State government.

The reporters also interacted with Drs. Shivani Katoch, Daisy and Vinod Sharma. Dr.Hirday Paul Singh, Joint Director (Information & Public Relations) was also present during the Media Visit.


Campus Placements; 14 July, 2015:

Godrej Agvet Limited, a leading company in the field of feed manufacturing, poultry processing conducted Campus placement for the passing out graduate and post graduate students of the college facilitated by the Student Counselling and Placement centre of the college led by Dr Shivani Katoch. Campus interview was held to select potential people for Technical Services, R& D and Sales in Godrej Agrovet Limted with Rs 5.5 Lac as annual CTC to MVSc pass out. Around 15 students participated and the company is expected to hire substantial graduates in various divisions. This was the second company which showed interest for hiring graduates from this college during the year indicating a demand of the graduates passing out from the college in corporate sector. Earlier Baani Milk Prodcuers LTD, Patiala had also shortlisted graduates from the college by conducting campus interviews.

Oath taking ceremony: 10 July, 2015

Oath taking ceremony, a pious ritual for the passing out veterinary graduates of 25th batch was held on 10 July 2015 at 11 AM in the college auditorium. Dr A.K.Srivastava, Director cum Vice Chancellor, NDRI Karnal was the chief Guest of the function and Dr K.K.Katoch, Vice Chancellor CSK HPKV, Palampur presided over the function. A total of 39 graduates took the oath of the profession, listed below. It is notable to mention here that this time 47 graduates are passing out and 39 took the oath of profession on 10 July and the remaining 8 will pass out a month later since their internship program is delayed by a month.

It is worthwhile to mention here that already a few passing out grauates have found placement with leading Milk corporates working in the region through campus placements and many have qualified the All India ICAR JRF to pursue higher education.

1 Tushar Sood
2 Prince Chauhan
3 Anurag Sharma
4 Manish Kharwal
5 Deepak Sobti
6 Ankush Kumar
7 Kunal Pandit 
8 Hemlata Gautam
9 Jyotsna Chauhan
10 Manvi Chaudhary
11 Neelam 
12 Ruchi Malhotra
13 Shraya Thakur
14 Brij Vanita
15 Monika Sharma
16 Rohit Kumar
17 Takshi Rehalia 
18 Preeti Rana
19 Rajat Dutta
20 Naresh Pundir
21 Deepa Garpha
22 Ashmita Anand
23 Aditya Sharma
24 Neeraj Thakur
25 Indu Bala 
26 Nirdeshika Chaudhary
27 Pallvi Sharma
28 Vinay Singh
29 Yamika Kashayap 
30 Shagun Mahajan
31 Pranshu Sharma 
32 Akshay sharma
33 Shambhvi
34 Rajeev Kumar Kandal
35 Roshan Lal 
36 Tejender Kumar Chauhan
37 Pawan Kumar singh 
38 Swati Sharma 
39 Shilpa Thakur 


Retirement functions:

Dr .K K Chadha, Program Co-ordiantor (Animal And Veterianry Sciecnes) KVK Dhaulakuan will be retiring from the services on 31 May 2015. VASTA organized the official retirement function in his honor at college campus on 25 May. Dean of the college Dr Sanjeet Katoch chaired the function organized by VASTA. On this occasion Dr K K Chadha was presented a departing Momento from the association Presiedent Dr Shiv-Vani Katoch in recognition of the services rendered by him in the field of Veterinary & Animal sciences. He is credited with raising a pure bred Murrah buffalo farm in KVK Dhaulakuan (Sirmaur)

COVAS students secure top positions in All India ICAR JRF-2015: May 25, 2015
Like previous years, Students of the college this time too bagged top positions at the National Level in ICAR JRF examination for admission to post graduate programs through out India. The detailed list is as follows

Veterinary Sciences

Name Rank at All India Level
Dr. Jyotsna Chauhan 16 rank
Dr. Pallvi Sharma 20 rank
Dr Neeraj Thakur 21 rank
Dr Manish Kharwal 70 (1st rank in SC category)
Dr Nirdeshika Chaudhary 77 rank
Dr Tejender Chauhan 94 rank
Dr Deepa garpha 11rank in (In ST Category)
Dr Ankush Kumar 15th rank in SC category)
Dr Tushar Sood 3rd rank in physically disabled
Dr Yavnika Kashyap 25 rank in SC category

Animal Sciences

Name Rank at All India Level
Dr Preeti Rana 9th Rank
Dr Ruchi Malhotra 68th (5th in SC category)
Dr Akshay Sharma 76th Rank

CAP congratulates and wishes a successful career to all the students who made it in the JRF this year.

Tit Bits: May 2015:

Prof.MS Kanwar retired from the services on 31 April 2015. VASTA organized the official retirement function

The process of filling up the seats for admission to UG and PG program has been inititated w.e.f 20 April and will continue till 20 May 2015. This year the applications are being filled online by logging on to University portla The entrance test will be held in the selected examination centres through out the state in HP on 13 June 2015. This year, the academic council also approved 6 seats for NRI or wards of NRI and 4 foreign nationals who can apply directly (without sitting in Entrance exam) by filling in the admission form available on the university web portal.

VASTA organized World Veterinary Day on 25 April 2015 in the college campus. A marathon rally including participants from students and faculty was flagged off on this occasion which covered a distanc eof 5.5 KM inside the campus.

Tit Bits: April 2015:

Prof. R. L. Bhardwaj and Prof. K.B.Sharma retired from the services on 31 March 2015. VASTA organized the official retirement function for the first time

This year, the academic council approved a total of 55 seats including VCI nominations for BVSc & AH in the college. A provision of 6 seats for NRI or wards of NRI, 4 foreign nationals and 3 Self finance seats have been made.

Prof. M.S.Kanwar, Hospital Suprintendent will be superannuating from the services on 30 April 2015. VASTA will be organizing the retirement function on 30 April 2015.

VASTA will be organizing World Veterinary Day on 25 April 2015 in the college campus. A marathon rally is proposed on this day.

Palampur 13 Febraury 2015:

Campus interviews for placement of the passing out Veterinary Graduates of 25 Batch were held on 13 Febraury 2015 in the campus of College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Palampur. M/S Baani Milk Producers limited, based at Patiala conducted the interview led by its Head, HR Sh Gagandeep Sharma. The interviews were facilitated by the Incharge Dr R S Chandel and Dr Shivani Katoch (COVAS) Student Counselling & Placement Cell CSK HPKV. A total of 19 internees participated comprising of a written test followed by interviews. 10 internees have been shortlisted who be called for further interview at Patiala at a later date to be intimated shortly. Job profile includes provision of veterinary services to the adopted farmers of the company in Patiala region.


Palampur 22 December.

A team of veterinary scientists from the Department of Gynaecology & obstetrics, Dr.G C Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences organized six clinical camps in remote villages of district Sirmour. The camps organized at village Barma-Papdi, Sataun, Jamna, Khala-Kyar, Nauradhar  and Bhalta-Macher  benefitted around 215 livestock keepers. These camps were organized under Rashtirya Krishi Vikas Yojna(RKVY) project to investigate status and incidence of infertility in bovines of Himachal Pradesh.

According to Dr.Madhumeet Singh, Professor and team leader, blood samples and uterine discharge samples were collected for investigations of various diseases and free medicines were distributed to farmers. In the last one and a half year, 80 camps have been organized all over the State including Pangi, Bharmour, Lahaul & Spiti and Kinnaur and also some very remote locations like Dodra-Kwar and  Janjehli. Around 2500 livestock keepers received treatment for their animals in these camps.  More such camps will be organized next year also. Drs. Pravesh Kumar and  Rohit Sharma and Mr  Vijay Rana were other members of the team.

Tit Bits: 13 August 2014:

Academics: New session starts: All seats fill up and 61 students admitted to First Year BVSc & AH for the session 2014-15. 31 seats in self finance category where as 5 through VCI and the remaining as per the seat plan. Entrance test was conducted in June 2014 and counselling was done on 1 July 2014. 38 graduates passed out from the college during the Oath taking ceremony held on 10 July 2014 in which Vice Chancellor Dr KK Katoch was the Chief Guest where as Director Animal Husbandry Dr KS Pathania was the Guest of Honor. Out of the pased out batch, 8 students have taken admission for Master's in different departments of the college, 4 have joined services with NGO, corporate sector, 2 joined back state department of animal husbandry as VO, where as 24 have taaken admission in PG programs in different institutes namely IVRI-Bareilly, NDRI Karnal, GADVASU, Ludhiana.


Events: Convocation for the under graduate students of College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences CSK HPKV will be held on 15 September 2015 in the University Auditorium in which Sh Anil Sharma, Animal Husbnadry, Panchayati Raj & Rural Development Minister will be the Chief Guest.

Seven days NSS camp was organized at village Bharmat(Palampur) w.e.f. 01July to 07 July by Dr GCN COVAS in which 53 students participated.


Retirements: Dr C Varshneya, Professor & Head, Veterinary Pharmocology retired from the university services on 31 July 2014.


Inaugrations: Dr.K.K.Katoch, Vice-Chancellor, inaugurated Chamundeshwari girls’ hostel (phase-II) on 3 July.  He said that the University was known for providing quality education and all possible facilities will be provided for their overall development of the students . He also announced a grant of Rs. 20 lakh for adding furniture and other facilities in the newly inaugurated hostel. The Vice-Chancellor also thanked the ICAR for a grant of Rs.1.5 crore for the construction of this hostel.Dr.S.S.Kanwar, Students’ Welfare Officer, informed that the new hostel has 19 dormitories to accommodate 57 students.


Dr Shivani Katoch wins election to HP State Veterinary Council: 21 June 2014:

Dr Shivani Katoch, A. Professor Department of Animal Nutrition was elected Member, HP State Veterinary Council consecutively for the II term in a recently held elections. Apart from Dr Shivani Katoch, other members elected were Dr Munish Batta, Dr Anupam Mittal & Dr H S Sumra. HP State Veterinary Council is a statuary body constituted by the act of Parliament VCI-1984 and has 11 members which comprises of 4 elected members, 3 members are nominated by the state government, ex-officio members include Director, AH, Dean, COVAS, President HP VO Assoc. and Registrar who is also the member secretary. Hp State Veterinary Council is concerned with the regulation of veterinary profession in the state of Himachal Pradesh and maintains the register of qualified veterianry practioners. It also organizes seminars on important topics related to the profession from time to time in different parts of the state.


Oath Taking ceremony of passing out 24th Batch Graduates: 10 June 2014

Oath taking ceremony for admission to veterinary profession for the newly passing out graduates of 24th batch (2009-2014) has been fixed on 10 July 2014 in the campus of College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Palampur. Dr K K Katoch Vice Chancellor CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, Palampur will be the Chief Guest where as Dr K S Pathania Director, Anaimal Husbandry, Govt of Himachal Pradesh has been invited as Guest Of Honor on this occasion. A total of 38 graduates will be passing out this year as part of 24 Batch. Out of this 38 graduates, 2 are in service candidates. A total of 15 students have already passed ICAR JRF examination and are likely to pursue their PG program in different disciplines in different institutes of the country including IVRI, NDRI, GADVASU Ludhiana etc and some will be pursuing PG program in the college itself. Batch wise recruitment of already passed out batches have already been held and are likely to get placement in coming few days. Altogather, graduate placement in the college is around 100 per cent and their is good demand from the corporate sector. Placement of students of 24 Batch is also in progress and job placement recommendations have been sent in few cases.


Girls outnumber boys in ET-2014 of CSK HPKV Palampur : 8 June 2014:

Combined Entrance Test 2014 for admission to the constituent colleges of CSK HPKV Palampur was succesfully conducted on 8 June 2014 in various centres across the state. A total of 8771 roll numbers were issued comprising of 3607 male and 5164 female candidates, out of which 7898 appeared in the entrance test. As per the statistics 355 appeared in chamba centre, 1885 in Hamirpur, 2964 in Palampur, 1293 in Mandi, 669 in Solan , 547 in Una and 185 candidates appeared in Rampur centre. The ET-2014 was conducted for admission to BSc Agriculture (4 year degree program) and BVSc & AH Veterianry Sciences (Five year degree program) in which 4999 candidates appeared in Biology stream and 2895 in math where as 4 students appeared in Agri stream. The result of the ET-2014 is likely to be declared in the last week of June 2014 and can be accessed by logging on to the University web site Counselling will be held in CSK HPKV Auditorium on 1 July 2014 for unreserved category and on 2 July 2014 for other categories as per the prospectus.


Dr Shivani Katoch unanmiously elected President of VASTA: 29 May 2014:

New executive of Veterinary & Animal sciences teachers Association, for the year 2014-2014 was elected unanmiously in the general house held on 29 May 2014 in the college premises. Dr Shivani Katoch A. Professor Department of Animal nutrition was elected President, Dr Rajesh Chahota Vice President, Dr Sidharath Dev Thakur General Secretary, Dr Ajay katoch, Joint Secreatry and Dr varun Sankhyan was elected Treasurer. The newly elected office bearers of the VASTA assured the house to take up the issues concerning the faculty with the higher authorities and also sought their support for effective resolution of their issues.


Inauguration of Experiential Learning Units: May 29, 2014.

Vice Chancellor of HP Agricultural university Palampur Dr K K Katoch inaugurated the newly constructed “Model Unit for Milk & Value added products” & “Veterinary Critical care unit cum Skill development & Training Centre” under Experiential learning on 29 May 2014 in   the campus of College of veterinary & Animal Sciences Palampur. Dean of the college Prof Sanjeet Katoch informed that these units have been constructed under experiential learning program with an budget outlay of Rs One Crore each and the funding has been provided by ICAR New Delhi. He further informed that these are basically demonstration units for teaching to the students.  The Model Unit for Milk & Value added products is equipped with state  of art pasteurization unit for processing of the milk and preparing value added milk products like ghee, cheese, ice cream,etc. In future the milk of the livestock farm will be pasteurized and packed in this unit before sale to the local public. The Vice Chancellor lauded the efforts of the faculty of the college for bringing this project and said that such type of facility will be very useful for the students as well as visiting farmers. All the statuary officers of the university were present on this occasion.  


COVASIANS rock in SSB for entry to RVC; May 22, 2014.

Three boys of the college namely Dr Surjeshwar Sehgal, Dr Ajay Thakur and Dr Ashish Sharma have made to the final merit list of the Remount & veterinary Corps of Indian Army in the recently conducted SSB at Allahabad. A total of 11 vets have been short listed comprising of 3 COVASIANs. The final merit list is expected to be out in the last week of July 2014. CAP congratulates and wishes a successful career


COVAS students secure top positions in ICAR JRF-2014: May 22, 2014
Like previous years, Students of the college this time too bagged top positions at the National Level. As per the result declared, Dr Apoorva Shekhar  secured FIRST RANK for admission to Animal biotechnology conducted by JNU. Similarly In ICAR JRF exams, Dr Richa Thakur secured 12th rank at the All India Level in Veterinary Sciences followed closely by Dr Radhika Vaidya (20), Dr Deepti sharma (31) Dr Chaavi Sharma (52), Dr Ankit Ahuja (59), Dr Swati Chaudhary (61) Dr Varun Puri  (74),  Dr Ekta (75) and Dr Sanjay Vivek Negi (11 in ST Category)  where as Dr Nipuna Thakur secured 33rd rank in Animal Sciences followed by Dr Bharti Sharma who got 62 rank at the All India level. CAP congratulates and wishes a successful career to all the students who made it in the JRF this year.


Dean: 1 September 2013.


Dr Sanjeet Katoch Prof. & Head, Animal Breeding & Genetics has taken over as acting  Dean, COVAS, Palampur where as  Dr C Varshneya who was earlier acting as Dean, COVAS has been entrusted with the responsibility of Dean, PGS , CSK HPKV as per the communiqué received from the office of Vice Chancellor CSK HPKV .


Retirements:31 August 2012

Dr KS Sharma, Prof. Animal Nutrition retired from service on 31 August 2012 after putting in more then 30 years of valuable services in the college. Dr. Sharma, active and pleasant personality was given a warm farewell by the Faculty Club wishing him a happy retired life. Dr. Sharma rendered his services since the inception of the college and was instrumental in shaping the Department of Animal Nutrition. After retirement, Dr KS Sharma has settled in Kangra, his native place.


Palampur. 11 April, 2012.

Principal Secretary (A.H.) Dr.P.C.Kapoor inaugurates Animal Husbandry Workshop at CSKHPAU

Palampur 11 April. A State level two days Animal Husbandry Workshop was inaugurated at CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today. Chief Guest Dr. P.C.Kapoor, Principal Secretary, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Tribal Development, Govt. of H.P., said that the Department of Animal Husbandry and the University should develop effective technologies which realize the needs of the society. He also called for effective transfer of scientific knowledge to the livestock keepers.

He said that there should be perfect skill in the hands of veterinarians and supporting staff, especially among pharmacists, and there was need of regular trainings of staff on the lines of Department of Health. He also felt the need of training institute for the staff of department. He appreciated the work in Dr G C Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences(COVAS) and suggested regular interaction between the field veterinarian and scientists to resolve the problems faced by the livestock keepers. He assured all help to the college from the government.

Dr S.K.Sharma,Vice-Chancellor, said that to achieve required four percent growth in agriculture sector as envisaged in National Agricultural Policy, animal husbandry sector can play a pivotal role. He declared that animal husbandry workshop would be annual feature henceforth and all steps would be taken for better interaction and collaborative programmes between the University and department. He said that some areas for future research like effect of climate change on animals, migratory sheep and goats, animal production and product technology, infertility ,etc have been identified. He said that the University was conducting research which was relevant to some neighboring hilly states like J&K and Uttarkhand. He told that 37 research projects worth Rs.14.59 crore were in operation in the college.

Dr.B.P.Malhotra, Director, Department of Animal Husbandry, said there was need to accelerate work on induced lactation in abandoned milch cattle so that such stray cattle be made productive. He informed that per capita milk availability in the State was higher than national average.

Dr.A.C.Varshney, Dean of the college, detailed about teaching and research activities in and requested the chief guest to provide liberal grants for many new proposals.

Dr.Desh Raj, Director of Extension Education, informed about veterinary extension education programmes and Dr.S.P.Sharma, Director of Research informed about various research activities in the University. The Chief Guest also released two publications on the occasion. Statutory officers and heads of departments also attended the function.

Source; Public Relations Unit - CSK HPKV Palampur.

International Conference: 1 April, 2012.

Dr Shivani Katoch, Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary & AH Extension Education recently visited Egypt to attend the 3rd Mediterranean Poultry Network, 6th International Poultry Conference organized by Egypt Chapter of World poultry Science Association at Porto- Marina, Alexandria w.e.f. 26 to 29 March, 2012. Dr Katoch was invited to deliver oral presentation on his research paper concerning probiotics in Poultry feeding. Around 250 delegates all around the globe participated coming mainly from Italy, France, UK, Greece, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Thailand etc to name a few. Dr Katoch was granted Travel Award by WPSA  to attend the conference. Participants in the conference included Dr Bob Pym (Australia), President, WPSA, Prof Dr. Ruveyde Akbay (Turkey) , Past president WPSA, Prof. Dr Y.Nyes, (France) President Europe Chapter of WPSA.

Silver Jubilee Cum Second Alumni reunion: 23 September, 2011.

Silver Jubilee celebrations on completion of 25 years of the College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Cum2nd Reunion of Covas Alumni palampur (CAP)  is being held on 4th and  5th Nov, 2011 at Palampur. Dean, of the College, Prof AC Varshney has extended a very warm invitation to all the former students and faculty members, who so ever associated with the college to become part of this celebration. On 4th Nov. 2011, the college is organizing a formal function to commemorate 25 years of existence & rejoice the contributions of each & everyone of those including teachers, students & others who have been associated with this college either directly or indirectly.


Retirement:31 August, 2011.

Dr. LS Sudhakar, Professor Veterinary Anatomy retired after putting in more then 30 years of valuable services in the college. Dr. Sudhakar, a quiet and pleasant personality was given a warm farewell by the Faculty Club wishing him a happy retired life. Dr. LS Sudhakar rendered his services since the inception of the college and was instrumental in shaping the Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Histology. After retirement, Dr Sudhakar has settled in Hyderabad, his native place.

Obituary: 21 August, 2011: Former Deans of the College Dr BS Katoch (1942-2011) and Dr RC Katoch (1947-2011) expired in the month of July 2011. Stalwarts in their own field, made a tremendous contribution in the shaping of the College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences. Dr BS Katoch  joined HPKV in the year 1968, where as Dr RC Katoch joined in 1973-74 when HPKV was functioning as College of Agriculture under PAU Ludhiana. Both of them were known for their honesty, uprightness and professionalism and always sincerely guided the students for hard work and devotion in studies. Faculty and the students got together to pay obeisance to the departed souls by keeping a 2 minute silence in the college premises.

Oath Taking ceremony of the passing out 21st Batch

Source; Public Relations Unit - CSK HPKV Palampur.

Palampur 6 July. Mr Shanta Kumar, member, Rajya Sabha and former Chief Minister, H.P., has sanctioned Rs.25 lac to CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University from his M.P. Area Development Fund. He was in the University as Chief Guest of oath taking ceremony of passing out veterinary graduates in Dr.G.C.Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences.


While addressing the 19 neo-graduates and scientists, he said that there was need to increase milk production as milk worth Rs.50 crore was imported in Kangra district alone annually from the neighbouring States. The dairy industry should be popularized among youth. He lamented that most of the unemployed persons were only interested in government job as they have no love for labour. He also advised to improve the quality and quantity of fodder for animal wealth.


Placement of Veterinary Graduates of 21 Batch

July 5, 2011.


Name of graduate





Dr Pallavi Bhardwaj

ICAR Rank-26 (Vety.Sciences)

Higher Education (MVSc)

IVRI (Public Health)


Dr Monika Bhardwaj

ICAR Rank-34 (vety.sciences)

Higher Education (MVSc)

IVRI Vety. Bacteriology


Dr Anjali Somat

ICAR Rank-79

(Animal sciences)

Higher Education (MVSc)

NDRI (Animal Physiology)


Dr Hitesh Jaswal

ICAR Rank-109 (vety.sciences)

Higher Education (MVSc)



Dr Rajesh Sharma

ICAR Rank-114

(Animal sciences)

Higher Education (MVSc)



Dr Vijay Singh

ICAR Rank-107         Category Rank-12 (Animal sciences)

Higher Education (MVSc)

IVRI,(Poultry Sciences)


Dr Gauri Jairath

ICAR Rank-121       (Animal sciences)

Higher Education (MVSc)



Dr Anil Sharma

ICAR Rank-165  (Animal sciences)

Higher Education (MVSc)



Dr Ankaj Sharma

JNU Rank-4 (Biotechnology)

Selected for Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM) through score obtained in CAT


Dr Surinder Bansal

ICAR Rank-183        CAT Rank-9 (vety.sciences)

Higher Education (MVSc)

IVRI,(Vety.Clinical Medicine)


Dr Surinder Chauhan

ICAR Rank-200           CAT Rank-11

Appointed as Vety.Officer in Brooks Hospital for Animals in Distt.Rampur(U.P)


Dr Navjot Sharma

As Field Executive in “BASIT”


Dr Achari Jamwal

Appointed as Vety.Officer in Brooks Hospital for Animals at Katra(Jammu)

Oath taking ceremony of the 21st Batch:
July 5, 2011.

Oath taking ceremony for the 20 vet-graduates of the outgoing 21st Batch of DGCN College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences will be organized at CSK H.P. Agriculture University, on 6th July 2011. Ex Chief Minster of Himachal Pradesh, Sh. Shanta Kumar will be the Chief Guest on the occasion. It is worthwhile to mention here that till date 532 students have graduated from the college since its inception in 1986 and this is the 21st Batch to pass out from the college and commensurate with the Silver Jubilee year of the institution.

COVAS students secure top positions in ICAR JRF-2011:

May 30, 2011
Like previous years, Students of the college this time too bagged top positions during the ICAR JRF examinations. As per the result declared, Pallavi Joshi secured 26th rank at the All India Level in Veterinary Sciences followed closely by Monika  (26th) and Anjali getting 79th rank in Animal Sciences. other students who secured ranks include Gauri jairath (126), Rajesh Sharma (114), Hitesh Jaswal (109), Vijay Kumar (107), Anil Sharma (166), Surinder Bansal (183), Surinder Chauhan (200), Akansha (255) and Sudershan(400). 22 students of the college appeared in the ICAR JRF exams during this year and 12 of them were able to secure positions. CAP congratulates and wishes a successful career to all the students who made it in the JRF this year.

VASTA celebrates World Veterinary Day at Veterinary College Palampur on 30 April, 2011.

Palampur 30 April-2011:

Students and Faculty, led by Veterinary & Animal Science Teachers Association of COVAS Palampur celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm the World veterinary Day on 30 April, 2011 i.e last Saturday in the month of April. A large number of students and faculty members participated in the events organized including competition in the category of Digital Photography on the  theme "Rural people and their animals" in which a large number of participants showed keen interest and the event was won by Mr.Naresh Pundheer closely followed by Miss. Shyambhavi and  Mr. Rakesh, all students of the college. Further, students also participated in an Photo Journalism contest in which Mr. Ankush Rana, student of First year BVSc &AH was declared the winner. On this occasion Dr. A.K.Panda, Assoc. Prof. Veterinary Public Health presented his lecture on Rabbies. He emphasized on prevention programmes for this deadly disease and made aware the august gathering that Rs 2 billion cost of medicine is being  spend on this deadly disease annually. Dr. S.P.Tyagi Assoc. Prof. veterinary Surgery delivered a talk on the role of veterinarians in the society. He emphasised on the increasing role of Veterinarians in the current scenario of emerging zoonotic diseases like Swine Flu, bird Flu, rabbies, TB. Ashish Sharma, Fourth year student spoke on the topic, Role of students in Veterinary profession. The event was hosted by the VASTA and Dr. S.K.Sharma, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor CSK HPKV Palampur was the chief guest on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion Dr. S.K.Sharma emphasised on the increasing role of veterinarians in bio security, food security and environmental protection. Dr. A.C.varshney, Dean of the college presented the scenario of the college and also highlighted the importance of celebrating the World veterinary Day. President of VASTA Dr. R.L.Bhardwaj welcomed the Chief Guest and appreciated the efforts of the faculty  in the development of the college. The Chief Guest distributed the prizes to all the winners followed by a Dham organized at Gopal Mandir Holta to all the participants.


A Mega  DST- FIST Project for Deptt. of Surgery & Radiology, COVAS

Palampur 30 April-2011.   

A Mega Project amounting to Rs. 32 lac has been sanctioned to Department of Veterinary Surgery & Radiology, Dr. G.C. Negi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, CSKHPKV, Palampur for five years under FIST (Funds For Development of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions) by the department of Science and Technology, New Delhi. It is matter of great honour to all the faculty members of the department.  This project is in operation w.e.f. April 2011.  Dr. M.S. Kanwar, Professor & Head, Surgery & Radiology has been designated as Program Coordinator to run this project.  The grand in aid under this project will be to establish infrastructural facilities for post graduate research and teaching in the department.


Palampur 4 April, 2011

The admission notice for conducting entrance test for admissions to BVSc & AH for the year 2011-12 has been issued by the office of Registrar, CSK HPKV, Palampur. As per the notification issued, the prospectus and forms have been uploaded on the university web site which can also be procured form the general post offices through out the state. The prospectus are out for sale since 1-4-2011 and will be available till 20-4-11 which is also the last date of submission. Further, the forms can be deposited with a late fee of Rs 1000/- till 25-4-2011.The entrance test will be held on 8 May 2011 at the centers notified in the University prospectus.


Palampur 4 April, 2011

Out of the seven vacancies offered for commission in Remount Veterinary Corps at the Bhopal SSB centre, 4 were bagged by the COVASIANS-Palampur. It was a proud moment for the Palampur fraternity, as the boys once again showed that COVASIANS-Palampur rock. The Teacher association (VASTA), Covas Alumni Palampur and HP Veterianry officers association have all expressed their pleasure. Those selected include Dr. Nikhil Chopra, Dr. Aman Sood, Dr.Abhinav Sharma and Dr.Pankaj Sharma


Palampur 21 March, 2011

The renovation of the decade old building of the Veterinary teaching clinical complex was finally taken and completed. The old building housing the veterinary clinics had out lived its utility regards to treatment of the animals as per the advances in the treatment protocol of the animals. The renovation was completed after the funds received from the ICAR as central development assistance were released by the university authorities. An estimated amount of Rs 7 lac were spent. Major alterations included provision of aluminium panels with glass replacing the age old brick walls on the sides, floor tiling, laying of granite shelves and white washing. Apart from this, a new laboratory adjoining the clinics was renovated and prepared for multi functional works.


Palampur 12 March, 2011.

The construction of the long awaited Advanced veterinary clinics cum farmer capacity building centre finally kicked off with the completion of all the processes involved with the award of the tendering process. it is worth while to mention here that the foundation stone of the complex was laid by the hon'ble Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh in the month of May 2010. There after the site on which the building was to be constructed became disputed with one of the person claiming the owner ship of the land by erecting fence. The university authorities there after shifted the site of the construction behind the main building. The state government highlighting its achievements has mentioned about the new up coming specialty facilities for animals at Palampur. The funding has been done through RKKVY.


Palampur 12 July.

Oath taking ceremony for the 31 vet-graduates of DGCN College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences was organized at CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today.

Dr.S.K.Sharma, Vice-Chancellor, appealed to the outgoing B.V.Sc. graduates and university scientists to continue working hard to grow higher and make a mark in their  profession. He said that the scientists need to create work for themselves  so that the institution may attain new heights. Similarly, the students should also try to diversify , which is the need of the hour. Dr.Sharma appreciated the college for quality research work alongside teaching as it hones the skills of students.

Dr.A.P.Singh, Vice-chancellor, Veterinary University, Mathura, who was chief guest, gave away the certificates to the passing out 31 students and said that  13 students from this batch has bagged junior research fellowships of Indian Council of Agricultural Research and JNU which was commendable.

Dr.A.C.Varshney, Dean of the college read annual report highlighting teaching, research and extension education activities. He informed that so far 532 students have graduated from the college since its inception in 1986. He said that a multidisciplinary modern veterinary hospital worth Rs.11 crore was under construction with full support of the state government.

Statutory officers, heads of departments and parents of passing out graduates attended the ceremony. The chief guest and vice chancellor released three publications to mark the occasion.

Palampur: 11 May, 2010: Appointments (Alumnus)

Dr. Rajesh Kumar (Batch-XIII) has been selected as Assistant Professor Animal Breeding & Genetics at
Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Sher-E-kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology, RS Pura Jammu. Dr. Rajesh is basically from Lahaul & Spiti who did his BVSc from COVAS palampur during the year 2003 and later completed his MVSc & PhD in Animal Breeding & Genetics from IVRI Izaatnagar. CAP congratulates him for his selection and wishes him all the best in his career.

Palampur:30 April, 2010: Retirements:
Dr. Kamlesh Gupta Professor (Animal Breeding) retired on 30 April 2010 after putting in more then 30 years of service.

Palampur:30 April, 2010:Farmer information cum modern veterinary Hospital and diagnostic centre.

Government of Himachal Pradesh in principle agreed to the proposal of the Dean COVAS for the establishment of Farmer information cum modern veterinary Hospital and diagnostic centre in the College campus. Proposed centre is to be built in two phases with an initial outlay of Rs 7 crore for building and rd 4 crore for the equipments. Already Rs 2.8 crore has been released to take up the First phase of the project. The funding has been made partially from RKVY and partially by the state government. The foundation stone for the centre is likely to be laid by in the Second week of May. When completed this centre will go a long way in meeting the specialized requirement in Animal health/ diagnostics and for dissemination of information using modern means.

Palampur:30 April, 2010: World veterinary day:
World veterinary Day Was celebrated with enthusiasm and fervour by the faculty and students of COVAS on 24 April 2010 in the college. The event was organized by Veterinary Animal Science teachers association. Dr. Tej Partap Vice Chancellor of CSK HPKV was the chief guest on the occasion. To mark the event, a painting competition was organized. Students and faculty members presented their views with Dr. P.Dhar giving an interesting talk on Immuno therapy to fight cancer. The slogan for World veterinary Day this time was One Health One World. A dham was organized by the VASTA in the Gopal Mandir Holta which was attended by student and faculty members.

Palampur:30 April, 2010:COVAS Students win Overall Championship at NDRI Karnal
A team of 35 students form Veterinary College CSKHPKV gave a competition to all other teams coming from various parts of the country and won the Overall Champion trophy in all India youth festival held in National Dairy Research Institute at Karnal, Haryana from 2nd April to 4th April 2010. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor CSK HPKV, Dr. Tej Pratap was the chief guest of this function. The students took part in various competitions like quiz, acting, dances, singing, skits, mime, poster making and other art activities. ‘Naati’ folk was especially admired very much by the audience and won the best folk dance award. Mr. Suneel Kumar also won the best actor award. The group was led by Dr. Geetanjali Singh and Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari. The students especially Ashish Sharma, Anjali Somal, Shivani Chaudhari, Anjali Rana, Surendra Chauhan, Hitesh Jaswal, Dakpa Tenzin and Mayank performed very well in this youth festival.

Palampur:30 April, 2010: Seats for admission to BVSc & AH program increased to 60 in Veterinary College Palampur:
In a major decision, the university administration has decided to enhance the overall number of seats for admission in First year B.V.Sc & AH from present 47 to 60 during this academic year. Further as per the CSKHPKV 2015 Frameworks for reforms and structuring approved by State Council for Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry education and research, Government of HP, the number of seats will be increased to 75 in 2012 and finally to 100 in 2013. University is in the process of running a veterinary Pharmacist diploma course where it is proposed to impart training to about 400 veterinary Pharmacists for 2 year duration. The proposed course will be run in overall supervision of COVAS most probably at KVK Dhaulakuan from this session.

Research Project: A new research GEF project funded by the World bank under NAIP entitled " Harmonizing biodiversity conservation and agricultural intensification through integration of plant, animal and fish genetic resources for livelihood security in fragile eco system" worth 1 crore was sanctioned to CSKHPKV Palampur. National Bureau of Plant genetic resources New Delhi wil be the lead centre for implementing the project where as CSK HPKV Palampur has been made the consortia partner in addition to NBAGR Karnal, RAU Bikaner, APAAU Hyderabad. Total budgentary sanction for the project has been worked out to Rs. 8.83 crore. The area of implementation in HP will be district Chamba. The Animal Husbandry component will be implemented by the faculty member of Department of Veterinary & AH Extension education.

23/2/2010 : NSS wing of COVAS organised a debate on GM crops ,need of the hour . Some of the speakers who spoke in favour of the topic were of the view that in the wake of ever-growing population and increased chemical population due to pesticides ,GM foods can ensure food security with minimal environmental pollution .Those who were against the view said that GM crops have detrimental effects on human health ,biological diversity and it would shift the ownership from farmers hands in favour of multinational companies. DO You wanna say on this issue Express your opinion on this issue

 Palampur- 24 October, 2009.Dr. Karam Chand Negi (Batch-XVI) qualifies ARSB Exams and will be joining as Scientist in ICAR Currently he is pusuing Ph.D program in Virology from IVRI, Mukteshwar centre.

Students of the college celebrate International day on climate change under the leadership of Dr. Kailash Mahajan in the campus of college of veterinary and animal sciences, Palampur. Dr. Sanjeet Katoch (Prof. & Head -Animal Breeding) Flagged off the rally to mark the occassion.

Awards and Honors: Palampur: 10 November: Faculty members of the Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Histology namely Dr. Rajesh Rajput, Assoc. Professor and Dr. R.L.Bhardwaj, Professor & Head, bagged Best paper Award along with Gold medal for their research paper during the recently held International Conference of Veterinary Anatomy held at Luckhnow.Best paper was awarded for "Study of the angioarchitecture of the caprine reproductive organs with special reference to anastomosis of the utero-ovarian arteries" Presented by Rajesh Rajput in International congress on Veterinary Anatomy & symposium on "New concept & innovative Technologies in Veterinary Anatomy of the sustainable Livestock production in the New Millennium" & 24th convocation of Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists from November4-6,2009 at Hotel Taj Residency,Lucknow. Dr R.L.Bhardwaj acted as rapporteur in a scientific session and got plaque of honour.

Vet Fair 2K9:Palampur Dated 10 November:  vet Fair 2K9 was held on 31 October and 1 November, 2009 in the college campus.Event was inaugrated by Dr. B.C.Bisht (Director- Animal Husbandry, HP) while it was presided over by Dr. Tej Partap Vice Chancellor of CSK HPKV Palampur. Highlights of vet Fair 2K9 included Inter College sports and cultural competitions, Flower Show, Dog Show, cultural night - MEHAK and an exhibition depicting advancements in the field of veterinary and Animal Sciences. Only 34 entries were recieved in various categories of Dog Show where as people showed less enthusiasm in turning up as compared to previous VetFairs held. Students worked hard for the cultural night MEHAK which was appreciated by one and all incuding Ambassador of Mongolia who was the chief guest of the evening. CAP appreciates the efforts made by the students in reviving VET FAIR and hopes that the coming batches will take up the event with more enthusiasm.

First Reunion-2009. 10-11 October, 2009:

The first formal reunion of alumni of the College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Palampur (CAP) was held on 10-11 Oct, 2009. The event was attended by more than 120 alumni members all over India and abroad. The alumni were accompanied to this memorable feat by their spouses and kids taking the total numbers of attendees to around 250. The occasion was full with happiness, pride and love; zeal and commitment to excel professionally to raise the flag of alma-mater to greater heights.
On the day of inauguration, the alumni and faculty of this young veterinary college Palampur were addressed by Dr. A. K.Srivastava, Director, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal who highlighted the role of veterinarians and animal scientists in the present era. He also emphasized the need to organize such functions to keep the spirit of bond and sharing alive amongst alumni.
The Dean of the college, Dr. A.C. Varshney formally welcomed the guests and presented the technical report of the college and summarized the journey this college has made since its inception in 1986. He proudly emphasized that college can now boast of being the highest centre of specialized education and learning in different areas of veterinary sciences. He congratulated the alumni and faculty in same breath for working towards the betterment of society and for their alma-mater.
Dr. Subhash Verma, General Secretary of the COVAS Alumni Palampur, who was also an organizing secretary of the event, facilitated this formal reunion. He said that 19 batches of veterinary graduates have already walked through the gates of this beautiful campus and this reunion was therefore very much awaited. He said that the reunion is not only a time of rejoicing our decisions to join the noblest profession, to enjoy the reminiscent of our student lives, to admire the achievements of our mates in diverse fields, to see the fulfillment and sense of satisfaction that this education and profession has brought into our lives; but also is a time to analyze our actions, to dwell upon our shortcomings, to motivate each other to give back to the society to the best our potential and to think and plan for the future of this profession.The alumni and faculty interacted with each other over the traditional “dham” in Villa Camellia and enjoyed the extravagant dine and dance reception in the evening. The next day, on 11th October, CAP remembered all those alumni members who are no more in this world and were snatched by the cruel hands of death. On this occasion, the organizing secretary briefly read their biography to the house.The event came to close after lunch. The general body meeting was held and new executive body was constituted, Dr. Rajesh Rajput (President), Dr. Sujay Sharma (Sr. VP), Dr. Saniv Kumari (VP), Dr. Subhash Verma (Gen. Secy.), Dr. Shivani katoch (Web Manager), Dr. Arun Sharma (Treasurer), Dr. Devesh Thakur (Press Secy), Dr. Surender Gupta (Special invitee-Jammu) and  auditors as Dr. Sanjiv Katoch and Dr. Geetanjali Singh. Apart from this, batch secretary were also elected to maintain better coordination amongst alumni members. It was decided that next event of grand scale will be organized to celebrate silver jubilee of the college. The alumni and their family members after having wonderful time finally parted to meet again.

2. Elections of Himachal Veterinary Council: 16 October, 2009.

About 450 Vets registered with HVC cast their votes through postal ballot for electing 4 councilor to Himachal veterinary Council, the result of which was declared on 15 October at Shimla. 7 candidates were in the fray out of which highest votes were polled in favor of Dr. Shivani Katoch (236) followed by Dr. Munish Batta, Dr. Anupam Mittal and Dr. Amit Sharma (B-XVII). CAP congratulates them all.

3.New faculty members join: 16 October, 2009.

Palampur. New faculty members joined various departments in DGCN College of Veterinary & AnimalSciences, Palampur (HP). Dr. Ankur Sharma, Dr. Ajay Katoch and Dr. Pardeep Sharma joined as Asstt. Professor in Department of Clinical Medicine. Dr. Atul Gupta (Veterinary Public Health) Dr. Anish Thakur (Veterinary Microbiology), Dr. Varun Sakhyan (Animal Breeding & Genetics), Dr. Gopal Puri (Veterinary Physiology), Dr. Pallavi Bhardwaj, Dr. Dinesh Sharma (Veterinary Pharmocology) and Dr. Devina Pathak joined in Department of Veterinary Parasitology. Apart from them, Dr. Rajesh Chahota and Dr. Subhash Verma joined as Associate Professor in Department of Veterinary Microbiology.

4.Merger of departments: 16 October, 2009.

As per the guidelines issued by VCI regarding Veterinary Education, the deprtment of Veterinary Epidemeology & Preventive medicine was disbanded and merged partially with Veterinary Clinical Medicine and partially with Veterinary Public Health. The revised curriculum for B.V.Sc and AH was adopted from this academic session after it was passed by the Borad of studies.

Palampur Vets bag top positions in ICAR-JRF conducted in May-2009. 16 June, 2009
The 19th batch passing out Students of the College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences maintained the tradition of bagging top positions at the National level in recently conducted All India Entrance test by ICAR for JRF. Sagar Chand got 2nd Rank in Animal Science category at the national level followed by Ashish gupta who bagged 10th Rank in Veterinary Science. Shyam Lal got 16th Rank in AnimalScience, Suresh Kapoor (104th Rank (Animal Science) Ajay Thakur- (120th Rank Animal Science) Himani Dhanze (145th rank- Veterinary Science)
CAP wishes a successful career to all successful candidates.

College vets bag top positions in selection list of RVC: 16 June, 2009: Dr. Vikas Sharma and Dr. Mayur Varshney were rated amongst the first five position holder in the overall merit list for selection in SSB board of Remount Veterinary Corps The selected incumbents have joined RVC training centre and college- Meerut cantt. on 31sy May 2009. They have been commissioned as Captain in Indian Army on 31 May, 2009 They will be sent to post commissioned young officers course at RVC training centre and college Meerut cantt for a period of 17 weeks. This time a total of 10 vets were selected out of which 3 namely (Dr. Vikas Sharma, Dr. Mayur Varshney and Dr. Inderjeet Singh) include Palampur vets.
CAP congratulates all of them and wish a succesful career in Indian Army.

Condolence: Prof. B.Parsad, Former Professor & Head, Department of Veterinary Medicine, COVAS palampur and currently working as Professor at Central University (North East) passed away on 26 June 2009 at Palampur. Prof. Parsad was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in March, 2009. CAP joins all students and faculty members of COVAS in offering condolences to the bereaved family members.
College Update:13 March, 2009:
Palampur. Team led by Dr. Rajesh Chahota (Batch-IV) of four veterinary scientists of Dr.G.C.Negi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (COVAS) have brought laurels to CSK Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University.
Recognizing the excellent team work in the fields of Veterinary Immunology and Biotechnology, the Indian Society for Veterinary Immunology and Biotechnology (ISVIB) has presented Sir F. M. Burnett Memorial Team Award- 2008 to Drs. Rajesh Chahota, Mandeep Sharma, S. Mittra and S. D. Thakur. The team has been awarded for their work on Molecular epidemiological investigation of a flea-borne Rickettsial outbreak in the Deol village of Baijnath in Himachal Pradesh, which infected about 300 people of the village. The team leader Dr. Rajesh Chahota, who identified the Rickettsial strain involved in that outbreak and presented the research work in the ISVIB national symposium and conference held w.e.f. Feb. 26- 28, 2009 in CCS HAU, Hisar (Haryana) was honored with the gold medal and citation. The conference was attended by more than 100 eminent scientists from different institutes of the country. Dr.Tej Partap, Vice-Chancellor, has commended the work of scientists and expressed the hope that other scientists will also emulate this team to serve the farming community of the State.

Palampur: New Faculty members: All the newly recruited faculty members in the College of veterinary & Animal Sciences, Palampur have joined their place of posting in their respective departments. Most of them had already joined where as the remaining incumbents selected to the post of Assistant Professor in the disciplines of Veterinary Pathology and Veterinary Biochemistry have also joined.

Palampur: Trainings: 2 batches of Field veterinarians attended the 4 day Training program entitled Post mortem examination and veterolegal cases from 24 Feb to 27 Feb, with 20 Vets and then from 3 March to 6 March with 15 Vets attending the program. The training program was sponsored by Veterinary Council of India under Continuing veterinary education program . The participating Vets felt satisfied and were all appreciative of the training module and the way it was conducted. The program co-ordinator Dr. V.K.Gupta, Head, veterinary Pathology felt that all vets shopuld get exposure to such training modules which will increase the professional efficiency. The training module focussed on how to read a lesion, write about it and how to conclude it. A brain storming session for Vetero legal cases practice was held during the training which was helpful in resolving many vetero legal issues comong across practising vets from time to time.

2 May, 2009: Friendly match between Faculty and Students of COVAS: A friendly cricket match was played between the students and faculty members of the college of veterinary & Animal sciences Palampur on 1 May, 2009.The Student team won the match by 5 wickets and 7 overs to bowl. The Faculty team led by Dr. Madhumeet Singh won the toss and elected to bat first and made 104 runs in 20 overs with 1 wicket to spare. Scoring was done by Dr. MM Singh with 22, followed by Dr. Shivani Katoch-21 and Dr. Surinder Chauhan remained unbeaten at 14 runs. Altogather, the faculty team put up good resistance and were able to put up a fighting total. The students team had a slow start loosing 3 wickets in quick succesion but later on Arvind Bharti, final year student, hammered the faculty bowlers quickly scoring 105 runs in 13 Overs leading the students team to a comfortable victory.

College Update: 2 February 2009.
1. A four day training under continuing veterinary education programme sponsored by Veterinary Council of India was organized by the Department of Animal reproduction, gynecology and obstetrics
w.e.f 3 to 6 Febraury. Veterinarians working with the state department of animal husbandry
participated from all over the state. The training programme focussed on Reproductive
health management and the training methodology included lectures as well as demonstration on the practical handling of animals for reproductive disorders. Notably among those participated included Dr. Bhag chand chauhan, Dr. Rajiv Walia, Dr. Neeraj Kumar, Dr. Mansi Sharma, Dr. Yudhvir Rana, Dr. Sanjev Chauhan, Dr. Ramesh Kumar.

2. College literary club: Verve: Web site of VERVE was launched on 6 February in a function organized by the Club. SWO of the university was the chief guest on the occasion. Activities included holding of a Quiz Competition, Arm wrestling and painting competition. The prizes were distributed on the occasion.

3. Faculty club hosted a tea party on the occasion of retirement of Dr. J.R.Dhanze from
CSKHPKV and welcoming the newly joined faculty members. A momento on the occasion was given
to Dr. Dhanze who shared his pleasent experiences with the faculty members.

Aqua Feed Seminar: 22-10-2008. A one day Aqua Feed Seminar was organized by Department of Fisheries at Veterinary College Palampur on 21 October, 2008. It was Organized jointly by American Soyabean Association and Department of Fisheries, COVAS, CSKHPKV Palampur and included technical session and interaction between scientists and farmers. The Chief Guest of the show, Dr. P.K.Sharma Dean, PG Studies,while Speaking on the occasion,highlighted the increasing importance of Aquaculture in providing livelihood to a large number of farmers in our country and said that after Green and white revolution, the country is heading for a Blue revolution. A presentation on Culture and feeding of carps was given by Dr. G.Ramesh (Technical Manager, ASA-IM) & Dr. J.R.Dhanze, Dean, College of Fisheries, NE Central University, Agaratala (Tripura). A similar, one day seminar will also be organized jointly at Kullu on 23 October, 2008.

College update:06 August 2008.
1. The interviews for selection to the various posts advertised for appointment to the posts of Assistant Professor & Associate Professor were held on 1 & 2 August, 2008 respectively in the University campus. The disciplines in which the interviews were held included Veterinary Surgery, Veterinary & AH Extension, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Veterinary Public Health, Veterinary Anatomy, Veterinary Pathology, Veterinary Biochemistry & Livestock Product Technology. The dates for the interviews for the remaining posts in the disciplines including Veterinary Parasitology, Veterinary Pharmacology, Veterinary Physiology, Animal Breeding, Veterinary Epidemiology Preventive Medicine,& Veterinary Clinical Medicine have not been intimated yet by the university administration.

2. Seats increased: In a major decision, the university administration has allowed 5 more seats to be filled in the B.V.Sc & AH program under self finance category from this academic session. Currently, only 5 number seats are filled on Self finance basis but with the increase in 5 more seats the total has increased to 10 number. it is pertinent to mention here that during 1999, the Self finance category included 10 seats but were later on reduced to 5. Self finance seats is a major source of revenue generation for University and B.V.Sc & AH program attracts lot of takers under this category.

3. Training at Kansas State University (USA). Dr. Arun Sharma (Batch-VII) currently working as Assistant Professor, in the Department of Animal Nutrition, COVAS Palampur, will be flying to USA in Kansas State to attend training program on Feed Extrusion at Kansas (USA) organized by Kansas State University & ASOCHAM w.e.f 11 to 15, August, 2008. There after, he will be attending a lab work program in Kansas State university in Deptt of Grain Science till 30 August 2008. During the visit to USA he will also be delivering a lecture on Feed Processing & Formulation at Las Vegas (USA). His visit has been partly funded by American Soybean Association.


College update: Promotions: 7 April, 2008. College update: Orders for promotion to higher Posts under career Advancement Scheme were issued in the first week of April. Dr. Adarsh Kumar, Dr. Sanjay Khurana, Dr. Rajesh Rajput, Dr. S.P.Tyagi were promoted to the post of Associate professor where as Dr. Alok Sharma, Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Dr. O.P.Kaila, Dr. V.K.Sharma, Dr. P.K.Dogra, Dr. Des Raj, Dr. S.Mitra were all promoted as Professors in their respective disciplines. The Alumni congratulates them all and wishes all the best in their career.

2. The work for construction of Feed Production Unit is in full swing and is likely to be completed with in a short period of time. According to Dr. Arun Sharma Incharge Metabolic Stall, Department of Animal Nutrition, the total estimate for the project is envisaged to Rs. 29 lac and state of the art Cattle and Poultry feed manufacturing unit will be installed. Currently, all the Cattle and poultry feed requirement of HP State Animal Husbandry department is being met through Department of Animal Nutrition.

3. The new block of the Post graduate hostel near the Monal Hostel is nearing completion. The New block has facilities with individual cubicles for the research scholars.

College Update: Furnishing of the newly constructed Seminar Hall of the college is in progress. Liberal grant was sanctioned by the Vice Chancellor for furnishing the seminar hall with the capacity of seating 200 delegates which is fully conditioned. The seminar hall was a long term pending need for the college and will serve to organise college level functions for which earlier the university auditorium was used.

The preparations for conducting the Entrance test scheduled on 22 June, 2008 at various centres in HP are in full swing. More then 2000 applications have been recieved out of which 30 seats will be filled up and the remaining 5 will be filled through VCI.

ICAR JRF: Sonia Pathania and Anil Patial (Batch-XVIII) secured 21 and 23 rank respectively in veterinary Sciences JRF organised by ICAR. Apart from them, 2 more students have secured JRF in Animal Science group.

College Update: March, 27, 2008. Second batch of the field veterinarians under went 3 days training on Brucellosis which was organised by the Department of Veterinary Microbiology. The 3 day program was organised w.e.f 24 to 26 March, 2007 and was funded by Veterinary Council of India under the head, Continuing veterinary Education. More such trainings are proposed in the next financial year. Participants included Dr. Anish Kumar, Dr. Sanjeev katoch, Dr. Dinesh parmar, Dr. Neeraj Mohan, Dr. Vikram Vashisht, Dr. Hitender Grahake, Dr. Joginder verma, Dr. Sujay Sharma, Dr. Sanjay thakur, Dr. Anshul Raj, Dr. varun Sankhyan, Dr. Seema Sharma.
Teaching posts to be filled up : 4 March, 2008. The posts of Assistant Professors lying vacant in Veterinary College Palampur were again readvertised . According to the notification issued the last date for submission of application form has been fixed on 15 March, 2008. All those candidates who had earlier applied need not to apply again but will have to submit a written request.TThe condition of NET will be applicable as "all those likely to qualify NET will be considered" For details log on to

Palampur Vets fly to Dubai: 4 March, 2008. Consequent to the role played by the Alumni, 2 passed out graduates of the college namely Dr. Dushyant Sharma and Dr. Amit Dogra flew to Dubai to join the front level marketing team team led by Dr. Vikram Sharma in the field of veterinary Products.Before flying to Dubai they were interviewed at Delhi and were selected. The Alumni wishes them all the best in their career.

Interview for the post of Dean, COVAS Palampur held:4 March , 2008. The interviews for the post of Dean, College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Palampur was held on 15 Febraury, 2008. The post of Dean, fell vacant after the retirement of Prof. R.C.Katoch, on 31 May, 2007 and Dr. A.C.Varshney had been holding the acting charge of the post of Dean The candidates namely Dr,. Sanjeet Katoch, Dr. A.C.varshney and Dr. C.Varshney appeared in the interview. The final selection order will be issued after the meeting of the university BOM likely to be held in the month of March, 2008.

Training on Brucellosis to field Veterinarians : 4 March, 2008 : A 5 day training programme for the field veterinarians of HP state animal husbandry department will be organised by the Department of Veterinary Microbiology w.e.f 12 to 16 March, 2008.. According to Dr. Chahota the 5 day module will be focussing mainly on the prevalent Zoonotic disease.The funding has been provided by the veterinary Council of India

Recruitments: After getting interviewed at Delhi, 2 Alumnus of the College namely Dr. Amit Sharma and Dr. Dushyant Gupta have been selected to join marketing Sale position in Dubai. Currently under going important formalities are expected to fly on to their new destination. Alumni wishes them all the best in their career.
News Item :
The Eighteenth Batch of the college joined the Internship programme on 22 January 2008. This time a total of 36 Internees including 6 girls and 30 boys will be under going compulsory internship training for a total duration of 6 months. This time their has been a major change in the Internship schedule with the Internees spending a major chunk of time on the college campus and will be working at Veterinary Institution Shimla for 7 days and at Sheep breeding farm Tal for 7 days. The Details of the Eighteenth Batch are being uploaded on the Web site.

4 Febraury, 2008: Dr. Adarsh Kuamr Honored in the 33rd annual function of the Himotkarsh, Sahitaya, Sanskriti Avam Jan Kalyan Parishad  Governor V.S. Kokje has underlined the role of social organisations in reconstruction of the society.Presiding over the 33rd annual function of the Himotkarsh, Sahitaya, Sanskriti Avam Jan Kalyan Parishad at Una today he honoured toppers of various exams including Dr. Adarsh Kumar (Batch-II for topping the Ph.D examinations of the University.


College boys qualify Army tests: Three passed out Alumnus of the College namely Dr. Vikas Sharma (Batch-XVI) Dr. Vikas Saklani (Batch-XVI) and Dr. Avaninder Sharma (Batch-XVI) underwent final medical fitness test at Bhopal after coming out with flying colours in the SSB at Bhopal to Join Remount Veterinary Corps, though Dr. Vikas Sharma has been asked to again appear for Medical tests in front of the board. As per the informed sources, a total of 8 eight candidate will be selected and final merit list will be prepared shortly. Hopefully, al;l the boys from the college will make it to RVC. Once selected, all of them will be commisioned to RVC and will have to under go Six month training programme at RVC centre & College Meerut cantt. Alumni wishes them all the the best in their career.