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Veterinary & Animal Sciences Teachers’ Association (VASTA)

CSK H.P. Krishi Vishvavidyalaya, Palampur-HP

Registered Under Societies Registration Act, XXI, 1860


(Regd. No.: 566 / 94)



Dr. Ankur Sharma                                                               QSD/VASTA/16-I/

General Secretary                                                                 Dated : 12-01-2017



Proceedings of the General Body Meeting of VASTA conducted on 8-12-2016 at 3:45 pm in Physiology Block of COVAS


Following were present :

1.      Dr. Des Raj

2.      Dr. Mandeep Sharma

3.      Dr. S.P. Tyagi

4.      Dr. Daisy

5.      Dr. Geetanjali Singh

6.      Dr. Pravesh Kumar

7.      Dr. Amit Sharma

8.      Dr. R.K. Mandial

9.      Dr. R. Kumar

10.  Dr. Alok Sharma

11.  Dr. Dinesh Kumar Sharma

12.  Dr. Adarsh Kumar

13.  Dr. Virender Pathak

14.  Dr. Madan Verma

15.  Dr. Amit Kumar

16.  Dr. Subhash Verma

17.  Dr. Varun Sankhyan

18.  Dr. S.K. Khurana

19.  Dr. Rajesh Rajput

20.  Dr. Ajay Katoch

21.  Dr. Ankur Sharma

22.  Dr. K.B. Nagal

23.  Dr. Shivani Katoch

24.  Dr. Vinod Sharma   



The house was informed about various agenda items which VASTA has taken up with the authorities since last general house. The reply (especially in context to the meeting held with the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor on 22.11.2016) and status of various agenda items were placed before the house for further discussion. The house had thorough deliberations on various agenda items and accepted / approved as under :


Item No. 1 :

VASTA demanded to expedite the recruitment process of Assistant Professors in various departments of the Veterinary College and to take up the matter on top priority keeping in view the severe faculty crunch in the college. VASTA has been demanding the recruitment for nearly one year.


House was of the view that if this genuine demand of the college is not met immediately and before the start of next semester, the departments in future would be having no other options but to discontinue the admissions to the PG program from the ensuing session. However, the house reposed faith on the reply from Hon’ble Vice Chancellor that recruitment process shall be over soon. House agreed unanimously that VASTA should be in continuous touch with the authorities of the University to end up logically and speedily on this very genuine demand.



Item no. 2 : 

VASTA has put forth the genuine demand of appointing a Dean through selection process in the college instead of resorting to stop gap arrangements and putting an end to adhocism.


The house after discussion agreed unanimously that not only Dean but all the statutory officers should be placed on regular basis and not on adhoc basis. House also mentioned the VCI guidelines that make appointment of regular Dean a mandatory condition to run a Veterinary College. House approved to pursue the demand in future.


Item no. 3 : 

VASTA demanded for a continuous and regular CAS interviews at least twice in a year (as per laid down university CAS rules) and also to settle all the pending CAS till date immediately.

House was informed that Hon’ble Vice Chancellor has promised to adhere to the schedule in future. House reposed faith on the reply given by the Hon’ble Cice Chancellor.


Item no. 4 :

 VASTA has strongly demanded for immediate release of GP arrears to its faculty members as the arrears are now long awaited.

 House was informed that Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and comptroller assured that Grade pay arrears of COVAS teachers would be released as soon as the university gets additional funds. House desired that the matter should be taken up on priority basis by VASTA and e-mails, on the matter, from affected members may be invited.


Item no. 5 :

 VASTA discussed the issue of ascertaining administrative head / authority of this university with the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor because this has been observed that many a times, offices of this university object or comment on a matter in question by saying that this matter needs sanction from the administrative head i.e. Secretary of Agriculture (as happened in case of Dr. S.K. Sharma, Prof. and Head Vet. Surgery) despite of the fact that powers to decide on a matter vest in the chair of Vice-chancellor.

 House was apprised that Hon’ble V.C. has said that he is not aware of the matter and he further assured that this will not happen in future. House expressed faith in the assurance given by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor.


Item no. 6 :

 VASTA demanded that insistence by the office of the comptroller for routing of all the communication by the DDOs pertaining to purchase etc. through respective Deans of colleges should be stopped henceforth immediately. VASTA failed to understand the rationale behind this as this delays the whole process of purchase etc. by almost 2-4 weeks.

House was apprised that VC and comptroller assured to look into the matter that why this was being practiced. House desired that matter may further be taken up with the Comptroller and rationale of appointing DDOs / HOD/ PIs may be made clear.


Item no. 7 :

 University has chosen the NPS / PRAN system, for its employees being dealt under CPS system, from the last year. However, the accumulated wealth of the CPS subscribers (around six years) has not been transferred to the PRAN / NPS system. During last meeting with the Comptroller CSKHPKV on 5-8-16, it was assured from his side that the transfer shall take place within 2 weeks but nothing has happened till date. Even, account statement has not been issued. Hence, in the interest of the employees, VASTA once again demands to transfer their accumulated wealth with interest till date to PRAN / NPS without any further delay.

House was apprised that the Comptroller informed in the meeting that the transfer of accumulated wealth has already been done and any pending arrears liability on the part of the university will also be deposited with the concern agency in due course of time. Few members of the house requested VASTA to further take up and pursue the matter of depositing the remaining interest on accumulated wealth transferred in Nov.,16 (w.e.f. April, 16 to Oct.,16). 


Item no. 8 :

 VASTA has demanded that a reasonable share of income generated through SFS or received through CDA may please be earmarked to Veterinary College and the same has also been highlighted by the ICAR team that visited recently.

House was informed that the Administration (VC and Comptroller) has assured that veterinary college will not face the dearth of funds. The dean should submit estimates prepared from the appropriate agency for demanding funds.


Item no. 9 :

 VASTA raised the issue of totally erratic power supply in the college campus during working hours. Record from the concerned division may itself elaborate the hours of electricity supply in a week. Lack of electricity supply leads to increase in university expenditure as Generators are to be started to supply the power, especially, at TVCC in the interest of the patients presented there. VASTA is unable to find the reasons for the poor electricity supply in the college campus. Hence, concerned authorities may be directed to resolve the problem at the earliest. Also, reasons for not hosting the dedicated power line despite of assistance offered by Hon’ble Speaker H.P. Vidhan Sabha may be sorted out so that in near future University hosts the dedicated power line. 

House was apprised that administration asked and directed Estate Officer to take up the matter immediately. House expressed its satisfaction on this but requested all members to further keep an eye on electricity cuts in future in the college campus especially when other parts of university enjoys supply of electricity.


Item no. 10 :

 Present VASTA has been demanding since months for deputing security personnel in the college premises and TVCC in the interest of faculty and students. But no action has been taken in this matter. Presently, any Tom and Jerry can enter the college campus with absolutely no check at all on his / her intentions and motives, also many a time owners choose to misbehave with the faculty and students rather than understanding the facts. Hence, there is an urgent need to deploy security personnel in the College campus and especially at entry point. The situation has in fact gone worst only from bad. VASTA also proposes to allot a defined number of security personnel to the Dean COVAS who shall further depute them at various points / locations. If regular employees are not available, the security arrangements may be outsourced in the interest of university as has been done in other Institutes.

House was apprised that administration expressed its seriousness on the issue and would like to decentralize the security in future. House desired to take up this agenda on priority with regular follow up in the matter.


Item no. 11 :

 People from the surrounding village trespass along with their animals and allow these animals to graze outside the college and hostel buildings creating hazards. These activities also make campus filthy & insecure. Additional pucca road has already been provided to the village behind the Monal hostel. It is therefore urged that the current road running through the veterinary campus between Monal hostel and the college building may be regulated through putting up manned gates at both ends.

 House was informed that the administration asked the Dean and EO to work together and to put up the manned gate next to necropsy block to discourage the commuters to use this road. Dean has been asked to prepare detailed estimate of boundary wall for the campus by utilizing the services of local SDO. House desired that matter may be followed up in due course of time.


Item no. 12 : 

The playground should be secured by putting a gate and lock so that unauthorized people do not enter the playground with their vehicles in order to improve their riding / driving skills. Issue has already been discussed with the SWO but no results have come up.

House was informed that as replied to the earlier item, administration asked Dean/EO to work together and to put up the manned gate next to necropsy block to discourage the commuters to use this road.


Item no. 13 :

 The whole campus of the college looks like an extension of the village Bharmat rather than that of the university. There are no proper gates, boundary wall, roads, lawns, playground, and no security at all. Despite repeated requests, gates (where available) have not been manned by the security of the university. Playground is in bad condition water-logged and with trenches unsuitable for any kind of sport or physical activities. There is an urgent need for beautification and suitable landscaping of the campus. The roads to the Dairy farms and Fisheries are in extremely poor conditions.

 House was informed that administration has desired that Dean of the college along with floriculture should come out with a plan. House desired that matter of beautification of campus and repair of playground should be taken up with The Dean and SWO again for an early action.


 Item no. 14 :

 Parking area near TVCC is in bad shape where rain water logs around. Hence, there is urgent need to specifically mark the parking area around TVCC for the vehicles of the owners only and available area between TVCC and Physiology block should be concreted at the earliest.

 House was informed that administration has asked to prepare estimates and raise request for funds through proper channel. House agreed to the point that an early action from the office of Dean is required in this matter and VASTA should pursue the case for an early action.


Item no. 15 :

 VASTA pointed out in the meeting that in view of the faculty not being reimbursed the stay charges while on educational tour in the territorial jurisdiction of Himachal Pradesh, either the faculty may be allowed to stay separately from students in Govt. accommodations like Rest houses or hotel charges may be reimbursed else faculty shall be having no other option but to cancel all the educational tours for students within the jurisdiction of H.P. in future.

 House was apprised of the fact that VC has asked to enquire if such a system exist in other places. However, members were of the view that since academic tours differ from other official tour and also faculty members have to stay with the students hence stay charges in hotels should be reimbursed. Case may be got prepared accordingly. If necessary, information may be gathered from other Institutes. 


Item no. 16 : 

Keeping in view the burden on the clinicians of the college, a system of resident physicians at TVCC purely on contractual basis may be devised, with Dean as interviewing authority. The incumbent may be appointed for not more than two years.

House was informed that on this issue VC has asked to enquire if such a system exist in other places. Members informed that system of teaching associates exist at many places including RAJUVAS Bikaner. At RAJUVAS Bikaner, Teaching Associates have been appointed in every department of the College. Hence, administration may be informed accordingly.


Item no. 17 :

VASTA demanded that recruitment of Livestock Assistants and handlers may be done as early as possible keeping in view the number of patients in the OPD. 

It was informed to the House that administration has asked Dean to make arrangement in this direction.


Item no. 18 :

 Green initiatives like online salary slip, e-Service Book etc. may be taken up to be more efficient and green.

Administration told that university is also thinking in this direction and a project worth Rs. 8 crore has been submitted on automation.


Item no. 19 : 

Faculty should be exempted from individually depositing the question papers to the Dean PGS.

Administration was of the view that question paper could be sent password protected by email to dean PGS with password sent on his mobile. Members informed that academic regulation needs to be amended to start such mode of submission. Hence, matter may be taken up with Dean PGS accordingly.


Item no. 20 :

 System of CPDU should be evaluated afresh. Infact such unit should be banned immediately and financial powers of Heads of the Departments/Deans/PIs should be elevated in a manner to fulfill the purchase needs of the departments.

 House was apprised that Administration informed VASTA that the working and system of CPDU is being reviewed. House expressed its dissatisfaction over the present system of purchase and working of CPDU. House desired that this demand should further be prioritized.


Item no. 21 :

 System of conducting video conferencing for PG viva, by inviting examiner to this University, may be modified. Video conferencing is helpful if examiner is not coming to Palampur, else the old system should be continued.

It was informed to the House that administration is looking into the matter and is reviewing it.


Item no. 22 :

 VASTA also demanded to fulfill the required positions of Technical / Laboratory staff in the college in the interest of students.

It was communicated to the house that administration is rationalizing on this and will do the redistribution in due course of time.


Item no. 23 :

 VASTA also demanded that once a person is promoted (may be by CAS), the previous post held by him should be declared vacant so that the process of new recruitments start without any problem, hence Professor and Associate Professor (promoted from CAS) should be counted on these posts instead of counting them as Asstt. Professors only.

 Reply from the administration revealed that University is thinking about a system where it will try to obtain one-time permission from the government to start the process of filling up the position of a teacher atleast 6 months before he is about to retire. Since, Government has already decided the cadre strength, so this could be done easily. The reply was communicated to the House.


Item no. 24 :

 Procedure for submission of abstracts to seminars / symposia to be made hassle free and system of sending the abstracts through Director of Research may be stopped. The system of cooling off period for international visits may be reviewed in the interest of academics, research and leadership.

 Administration was of the view that abstracts can be send through email to DR instead of going personally. Same was communicated to the House.


Item no. 25 :

 VASTA demanded to release three increments immediately to the faculty members who have completed their Ph.D degree and have also represented the case to the administration.

Administration acknowledged that the case is with them; however no assurance in the matter was given. House was of the view that VASTA should continue to pursue this justified demand and the case may be taken up strongly.


Item no. 26 : 

As nearly every month a clinician has to give Holiday duty, hence a compensatory Holiday in lieu of this holiday duty may be allowed as is done in the Health department.

Administration replied that the matter may be dealt at Head’s level. Members were of the view that the demand may be taken up strongly again.


 Item no. 27 : 

Presently there is no accommodation for farmers / attendants of indoor patients at college. Hence, Rejuvenation of farmers /attendant house for comfortable stay of owners was demanded by the VASTA.

Administration asked Dean to raise demand for the funds. House further desired to ask the administration for preparation of estimates to construct the indoor wards in the gross interest of patients and teaching.


Item no. 28 :

 VASTA further demanded to convert the building of old clinical complex to examination hall. Previously funds were also announced by The Vice-Chancellor for this purpose but nothing concrete has been done till date.

Administration has asked Dean to raise request for funds after preparing a detailed plan with all the HODs. House was of the view that a timely action in the matter is required so that college can get its examination hall, as presently there is no such facility in the college.


Item no. 29 :

The college canteen work is pending since so many years and EO should be directed to complete it in a stipulated time. These types of similar works are pending with other buildings as well (Veterinary Microbiology. Veterinary Public Health etc.).

Administration asked Estate Officer to complete all the works as per schedule. Same was communicated to the House.


House further discussed about the fact that facility of upgraded EPBAX has been installed in other colleges and offices of the University but COVAS has been ignored. House desired VASTA to take further steps in the matter.

            House was of the view that extension of RKVY projects should be in the hands of DR, when GUC has been submitted. The matter is to be taken up with the administration.


Thereafter, General Secretary Dr. Ankur Sharma informed the house about the incidence of breach in the college security by the outsiders, as happened with Dr. Ajay Katoch. House expressed its serious concern over the incidence and demanded that matter of college-campus security should be taken on priority. A letter demanding deputing of security personal in the COVAS campus should be send to The Registrar immediately.


General Secretary further informed that the registration certificate of the society has been got framed and shall be placed in the office of VASTA.

             Thereafter, an amendment proposal (to the constitution of VASTA) to increase yearly subscription / membership fees to Rs. 700-/- from existing Rs. 500-/- was placed before the House. House agreed to amend the Constitution to the extent as proposed.


            The General Body Meeting ended with the vote of thanks to the Chair.






General Secretary

(Ankur Sharma)




                                                                                                                (Subhash Verma)



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